Laminate Tile Effect

At WFS, we supply top quality laminate flooring and one of which is our Tile Effect flooring. We supply top-quality pieces of flooring and Tile Effect is one of the most common types of laminated flooring you can buy. If you prefer to have a more design orientated flooring with that tile feeling, this is for you. We offer Kaindl, Sensa and Quick-step floorings, all come with the look and all come with the option of having a Tile Effect.

Whilst we offer this in all types of laminate, Quick-step is usually the most common when looking to purchase a Tile Effect floor. Tile Effect gives you a modern twist on an old favourite. Many of our Tile Effect laminate flooring are superbly made. Tile Effect gives you the room to be more creative by expanding on the normal home flooring into a more tiled, wall effect. Whatever you are looking for, laminate flooring is a great choice for any room and Tile Effect can add to that. Lighter and therefore more flexible than normal flooring, laminate gives you a greater amount of freedom in terms of creating a truly unique flooring, just for you. We offer a variety of different sizes and styles for all of our Tile Effect flooring range, so there is something for everyone. We offer our three types of laminate flooring to allow a greater feel of personality and uniqueness to your flooring.

At WFS, we have years of experience within the flooring industry and are happy to help with any questions or projects you are undergoing. We pride ourselves in producing the highest-quality finishes with outstanding customer service. Whatever your flooring needs, we have the supplies to help you get that perfect flooring.

Check out our image gallery below of some of the beautiful Tile effect flooring that we carry here at WFS. (Click on any image to enlarge)