Although we at WFS started off life as solely Wooden Floor specialists, we have evolved over the years to introduce a wider and wider range of tiles.

We are now at the point that we have as broad a range as we can cope with for space but if there is something you see elsewhere, we can usually get it for you. Bathrooms are covered with a very diverse range of floor and wall tiles. With styles ever changing, we are continually bringing in the latest colours and new 3D effect finishes.

The main house is covered by our very large range of Porcelain floor tiles, in all finishes and a large mix of sizes.

For those who are not familiar with tiles, they are broken into 2 main categories

Ceramic and Porcelain

  • Ceramics are mainly a tile that are suited for lighter traffic areas for floor but has no bearing on the wall tiles. As ceramics are cheaper, there does seem to be more scope for choice on wall tiles
  • Porcelain is a much tougher product and is suited to the heavier traffic areas in your house or for commercial applications. It is a very diverse product and comes in many different sizes and finishes



 Call in and check out our extensive tile showroom.