Wood Flooring

At WFS Flooring Specialists, we offer many varieties of flooring! The wooden section can be broken into 3 main headings. Before we get into this, i would just like to say that we at WFS are always mindful of our environments footprint and as such, strive to ensure the majority of our Wooden Floors are FSC or PEFC rated. This basically means they are sourced from well managed forests that employ strategic long term logging and replanting programmes.


Our engineered wood flooring range is both extensive and of a very high quality construction. Over recent years, the way wooden floors are produced has changed. For many years, Solid Wood was the only way to go but with the advances in technology, the industry has evolved to now use Engineered in the main. The flooring itself is very stable and once it has been installed, is very strong and durable. Our Engineered flooring is manufactured by sourcing the highest quality multi-layer ply and with the use of high strength adhesives and very powerful machines, bonded to the beautiful Hardwood Veneers that you see as your finished floor.

We at WFS As you can imagine, using a wooden design for your flooring has a wide range of benefits – wood types are easy to maintain and clean, if you spill something, you can easily wipe it up with our recommended cleaners, rather than having to spend an age cleaning a carpet-like floor. Our engineered flooring is off the highest quality and is the perfect choice for your new flooring.

At WFS Flooring Specialists, we have years of experience within the flooring industry and are happy to help with any queries you may have. We pride ourselves in producing the highest-quality finishes with outstanding customer service. Whatever your flooring needs, we have the tools to help. 

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Solid wood flooring is just what its name suggests, wood flooring that is made from solid wood. No matter what species or grade of wood you can think of, it is likely that you’ll be able to track it down in a solid wood flooring option.

As a result of what we have described in the Engineered section, the range of Solid Flooring has reduced considerably as most manufacturers have now switched over to the more stable and environmentally friendly Engineered flooring. There are still some available but just contact us to find out what we have.

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Parquet flooring is quite unlike anything else, it is made with geo-metrical, triangler and angular squares, meaning you have a completely different look from that of a traditional plank floor. With our parquet wood range, we offer a very diverse range of Parquet which means the only problem will be narrowing it down to just one that you will like.

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